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Have questions about consigning and purchasing?
 Here are answers to frequently asked questions about Repeat! policies. Please call or email us if you'd like additional information.

Consigning with Repeat!

What benefits can you expect from consigning with Repeat!?
The benefits of consigning your gently used merchandise are considerable, especially compared to other methods of reselling, such as garage sales, classified ads or internet marketplaces.
   •  Your merchandise is prominently displayed in our high-traffic retail showroom for thousands of
          buyers to view, increasing the likelihood of a timely sale at a good price.
   •  We offer a terrific return for you, from 50% to 60% of the resale price.
   •   We accept a wide range of consigned items allowing you to collect your used items over time
          to consign in bulk for a maximum return.
   •   Affordably priced and professional pick-up service is available 
   •   Consigning with Repeat! is hassle-free and preferable to other methods because:
        •  Classified ads: strangers come to your house
        •   Internet marketplaces: buyers can’t see your items in person
        •   Garage sales: visited by extreme bargain hunters 

What does it mean to consign your goods?
When you consign your goods with us, we sell them on your behalf. We do not take ownership of your merchandise. You simply leave your goods with us for a set amount of time (16 weeks) and we display them in our retail location for prospective customers to examine and purchase. Once your goods are sold, we share the revenue with you. 

Do we have an agreement that summarizes the program for you?
Yes. We have a contract that outlines the details of our consignment agreement. It is important that you review and sign this document to make sure we both understand what we expect from each other.

What types of gently used merchandise do we accept?
We accept most gently used items if they are in excellent condition. The resale price must be at least $10. This means that when the item was brand new, it was valued at a minimum of $15 - $20.

While we specialize in all furniture including sofas, occasional tables, chairs, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, office furniture and collectibles, we also accept selected crystal & china, appliances, electronics, sporting goods, baby items, tools, and more. Please contact us directly if you are uncertain about an item, and we will be happy to answer your questions. You can also email pictures to:
Are there any items we don’t accept?
We do not accept the following second-hand items:
   •  Weapons (due to security and licensing requirements)
   •  Used mattresses and box springs (prohibited by law)
   •   Other items: clothing, linens, mini-blinds, books (except dictionaries), records, old computers, 
          obsolete electronics, and hanging lamps
We reserve the right to reject any additional items at our discretion. 

What can I earn by consigning my merchandise?
For each consigned item we sell on your behalf we share the revenue with you. The amount you earn for consigned goods increases with the price of the item. The higher the price, the more cash you make!
   Up to $500.00                                       You earn 50% of the resale price
   $500.01 to $1,000.00                          You earn 55% of the resale price
   Greater than $1,000.01                       You earn 60% of the resale price

The actual selling price may be below the initial resale price if mark-downs are taken (as explained below in our planned mark-down program). If the price is marked down, your split will be adjusted accordingly to reflect the actual resale price.
There is a $5 registration fee each calendar year.

How is the resale price of my goods determined?
Together we set a fair resale price by following three rules:
1.    The initial resale price must not be higher than two-thirds of what you originally paid for the item.
2.    The initial resale price must reflect the actual condition of your item.
3.    The market demand for the item will also be considered.

How does our planned markdown program work?
We follow a markdown plan to sell your items in a timely fashion.
   •  20% off the original resale price after 4 weeks
   •   35% off the original resale price after 8 weeks
   •   50% off the original resale price after 12 weeks
We follow this schedule strictly, except in unique circumstances (for example with genuine antiques or high value collectibles). In those cases, we may choose to modify our scheduled markdowns at our sole discretion and with your approval.  

How long do we keep your consigned items?
We agree to display your merchandise in our retail showroom for a 16-week consignment period. After 16 weeks you are free to pick up your items or at your request, we will take care of them for you. This disposition of your items is decided by you upfront and is part of your signed contract agreement.

What do we do with your items after the 16-week consignment period?
As part of your upfront contract agreement with Repeat!, you choose one of two options to address the disposal of any items that have not sold within the 16-week consignment period.
Clearance: you may leave your unsold expired items at Repeat!, authorizing us to sell them for whatever price we choose. If sold, you will receive your standard share of the proceeds (50% - 60%). During this time, you are welcome to pick up your items. After six months, we will donate your items to charity.
Pick-up: you agree upfront to pick up all unsold expired items within two weeks of the expiration date. It is your sole responsibility to keep track of the expiration date and to collect your merchandise at our retail location. All unsold merchandise not picked up within this two-week "grace" period will be considered abandoned and automatically become Repeat's property.

What days and times do we accept consigned items?
We accept consignments Monday through Friday 10 AM - 4 PM. For large drop-offs, we recommend you come well ahead of our cut-off time. 
How and when are you paid for your consigned goods once they are sold?
We issue a check on the 15th day of the month following the month in which your product sold. If your payment is more than $25, your check is automatically mailed to you unless you make alternate arrangements with us in advance. If your monthly or cumulative pay-out is at or below $25, we invite you to come to our retail location to pick up your check.
Do we purchase goods outright?
Typically, we do not purchase used home or office goods upfront. However, in the case of an entire office or home, we welcome the opportunity to place a bid. 

Will we come to your location to pick up large or multiple items?
For your convenience, we provide a reasonably priced pick-up service from your location. All items must be cleaned and ready to go when we arrive. Large items that cannot fit through doorways must be disassembled by you prior to pick-up. We limit this privilege to bulky items that cannot fit into a regular passenger car. There is an additional charge of $20 or more when items must be carried down stairs or use of an elevator is required. Call us for an estimate and come in to the store to schedule a pick-up time. 

Are we insured?
Yes, we are insured for some risks. However, we do not insure consigned items from risks in any way (such as fire, water damage, dents, scratches, breakage, theft, disappearance, etc.).  If this is an important concern for you, check the terms of your homeowner’s insurance policy as it may extend coverage for your off-premise properties.

Purchasing from Repeat!

What forms of payment do we accept?
  Checks with a valid driver’s license and permanent address. We do not accept temporary checks. A
     $30 charge will be assessed for all returned checks.
  If paying by check, we require a certified check for amounts over $2,000.
  Visa, Master Card or Discover credit cards.

Do we offer layaway or financing?
We do not offer layaway for consigned items. We offer a layaway plan for up to 60 days for new furniture purchases only. We do not offer financing for new or used purchases.

Do we deliver your purchases?

We offer a reasonably priced delivery service. Rates vary depending on location (upstairs, etc.) and distance from our retail location. Call us for rates and come in to the store to schedule your delivery.

What is our return policy?
All sales are final and merchandise is sold "as is" and "where is." No returns or exchanges will be accepted and no refunds will be provided. Accordingly, please thoroughly check and test any items to make sure they are in complete working condition before you purchase them. If an item cannot be tested on-site, we may, at our sole discretion, offer a written 24 hours money back guarantee, valid only if the item does not work as it should.